Giulio Barca's business began in 1978 in Rende, a city in the province of Cosenza, as a small artisan leather goods company. Since the early years, it stands out for its innovative style. In this way he succeeds in obtaining participation in sectoral fairs and constant representation, which will allow him a significant knowledge of the national market and expand a wide commercial network also in the international field.


Giulio Barca specializes in the production of leather goods, with an extremely wide and varied production.

It stands out in its sector for the quality of its products, which reflect the true value of "Made in Italy".


Giulio Barca intends to pursue the corporate values ​​that have characterized it over the years: guaranteeing the craftsmanship of the products and the Made in Italy inherent in them.


The business philosophy of Giulio Barca puts the craftsmanship of its products first, in fact each product is made manually and is not automated. The entire manufacturing cycle is carried out for each product category, redefining the phases from time to time. Furthermore, a further critical success factor of the company is the guarantee of Made in Italy, demanded by the team to guarantee the uniqueness and quality of the products.


A continuous and constant activity that currently covers an area of ​​800 m2 for the manufacturing processes of the product, actually having 2400 m2 divided into three levels.


Giulio Barca has always collaborated with other companies in the sector, lending his production capacity for the realization of products and his experience for the design of new styles.

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